Mehis Pilv

mehis2Dr Mehis Pilv (born in 1947), PhD in Applied Computer Sciencies,more then 20 publications on radioelectronics, applied cybernetics, International entrepeneurship, more then 10 inventions&patents.

Dr Pilv is founder of the GENECODE, significant investor and business developer. He has long time (1974 – 1992) worked with International high tech projects in govermental structures of Estonia, beeing in charge of developing of science, technology, foreign trade – has been Director General of Estonian State Department for  Foreign Economic Relations and Director General of the Main Department of Science and Technology. From 1992 in private business, additionally to GENECODE has been a cofounder of the significant Computational Chemistry company MOLCODE, is a  private owner of the World Trade Center Tallinn and has also  interests in many significant real estate projects.