Tõnis Timmusk

timmuskProfessor Tõnis Timmusk (born in 1959) has worked in several universities outside of Estonia from 1991-2003: Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University in Sweden and in University of Helsinki, Finland. Since 2002 he is professor of molecular biology in Tallinn University of Technology. Prof Timmusk is among the most cited Estonian scientists, he has published nearly 70 publications with nearly 6,300 citations according to ISI Web of Science database. He is a molecular neurobiologist with main research interests in neurotrophic factors, gene regulation and signaling in the nervous system. His studies have contributed to the understanding of the function, signaling and gene regulation of both NGF and GDNF family ligands and their receptors. In collaboration with prof Mart Saarma he has discovered and characterized CDNF, the novel neurotrophic factor for dopamine neurons. He has received prestigious Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowshio. Prof Timmust is a co-inventor in 6 patent applications.